NYS Scanner Privacy Policy

Protecting Your Privacy 

The New York State (“NYS”) Wallet Scanner application will allow you to confirm whether an individual meets the criteria established for digital credentials stored and presented from an individual’s NYS Wallet application. The purpose of the NYS Wallet Scanner application is to assist individuals with verifying digital credentials. The information you provide will not be used for any other purpose. The NYS Wallet Scanner application does not store any data after scanning a digital credential. 

For businesses using the NYS Wallet Scanner application, certain information about the business will be collected by NYS. This information includes: 

  • Business Name 
  • Industry Type 
  • Zip Code 


The NYS Scanner application does not collect personal, private, or sensitive information unless you are an individual and operate your business under your legal name, in which case, the app will collect your First Name and Last Name. 


Privacy is protected by the NYS Scanner application by limiting the amount of data accessed from a digital credential presented by an individual at any time, using a QR code, and not storing any data about an NYS Wallet application user in the NYS Scanner application. 



When using the NYS Scanner application, data is: 

Provided by you as the user if you choose to provide it (including Business Name, Industry Type, and Zip Code); and 

Provided by the individual presenting their digital credential from the NYS Wallet application, if they choose to provide it, and potentially including their personal information (e.g., First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth). 

Provided by the entity issuing the credential 

This Privacy Policy can also be accessed directly within the app settings screen. 


How Data is Used 

NYS ITS may choose to use Google Analytics to analyze Business Name, Industry Type, and Zip Code, and this data may be shared or accessed by Google as required for this collection purpose. When an Excelsior Pass Plus credential is scanned, other app data, including Pass Type (vaccination, PCR, antigen) and Scan Result (valid, invalid, expired, pass not found), is collected and stored securely and only shared with NYS. All data collected will be aggregated and used by NYS to inform decisions related to public health. 


Additional anonymous usage data and metrics related to NYS Scanner application adoption and usage are also collected including number of app downloads and deletions. The app developers or the State cannot identify any specific user that has downloaded or deleted the NYS Scanner app. The app is downloadable from the applicable app store which may be linked to an individual’s mobile account. New York State cannot identify any individual that downloads the NYS Scanner application onto their mobile device. 


The Camera 

The NYS Scanner application requires access to your mobile device camera to scan the QR codes associated with NYS agency-issued digital credentials stored and presented by individuals from their NYS Wallet application to validate those credentials. It does not access or collect your personal information. The information collected from the use of your camera is not used in any way outside of the NYS Scanner application and is not shared by New York State with any third parties. It is always your choice whether to use the NYS Scanner application and participate in the NYS Wallet program. We cannot access your camera without permission. 


The App and Location Tracking 

The NYS Scanner application does not use location services on your mobile device. 


Information Security 

Data you provide is maintained in a secure manner and will not be used for sales or marketing purposes or shared with a third party. The NYS Scanner application complies with NYS Information Security policies and procedures located at https://its.ny.gov/ciso/policies/security. 


Changes to our Privacy Policy 

New York State may update this Privacy Policy from time to time to reflect changes to our data governance practices. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted here with an updated revision date. We encourage you to check back periodically for any changes or updates.